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Our core philosophy is to challenge the status quo of how the insurance industry operates. Create complete transparency in a muddied system from the consultant to the insurance carrier side, analyze forward thinking strategies and help guide employers to new opportunities in the insurance process.

We do this with our Strategic Assessment Process that allows employers to identify any unknown risks within their employee benefits and workers comp programs while also analyzing alternative financing options. This creates tailored solutions specifically for that employer ensuring they are paying the lowest possible premium, leveraging better renewals and avoiding any business ending risks.

28 Insurance was founded on the principals of being the most resourceful in the industry with the creativity and assertiveness of finding the right resources, strategies and solutions for our clients.

We understand this process may not be the right fit for every employer. However, our alternative approach helps facilitate the right decision, even if it’s not with us. Schedule a 20-minute conversation with us today and take control back from the insurance carriers.

Employee Benefits

Our employee benefits risk assessment process ensures employers are paying the lowest possible health insurance premium, leveraging better health renewals, avoiding unnecessary business risk and taking control back from the insurance carriers.

Workers Compensation & Liability

Our workers compensation / liability assessment process allows employers to pay the lowest possible insurance premiums, leverage better renewals and avoid business ending risks.

Home Insurance

We have excellent rates and professional agents to get the right home insurance policy for your family.

Car Insurance

Getting a 28 Insurance Auto quote is quick & easy. Simply answer a few simple questions & we will give you an accurate quote to consider.

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